Would you avoid buying in an area because of the crime rates?

Research among estate agents by Churchill Home Insurance has found two thirds of potential homeowners are fearful of crime rates in the area they are looking to buy in.

Estate agents estimate that 2.4% of house sales fall through as a direct result of buyers’ fears over crime, amounting to an estimated 29,082 scuppered property transactions every year, the insurer claims.

The biggest concerns voiced by homebuyers to estate agents are local burglary rates, followed by drug-related crimes, assault, property vandalism, vehicle vandalism and car theft.

We may not be able to help protect your belongings but Churchill has some top tips for keeping your property secure.

  • If you have a security alarm, use it. Burglars will be able to tell if the alarm is not used and serviced regularly so it will not act as a deterrent unless it is used
  • The best burglary deterrent is for the home to be occupied, so if you are away ask neighbours to pop around, leave a light on or invest in timed lights. Don’t make it obvious that no one is home
  • Think like a burglar and see where the best points of entry to your home are. Make sure all windows and doors are locked and if you have a burglar alarm, keep it clean so it looks like it is used and serviced regularly
  • Ensure any security features which allow you to track your phone or tablet are turned on as this will help police locate your device should it be stolen. If you are burgled, also call your contract provider immediately and have the line and phone blocked
  • Try not to leave packaging for new expensive goods outside your home. It is better to take it to a public recycling bin, as it can attract burglars.
  • If you keep power tools, golf clubs or garden equipment in an outbuilding or shed, make sure the shed is locked and/or has security features such as an alarm or security light

Having a secure home is also important to mortgage lenders who will want to know there is buildings insurance in place when lending.

We can help you at least feel financially secure by ensuring you are on the best mortgage rate so your repayments are affordable.

There are also life insurance, critical illness and income protection products that can help cover your repayments if you were to fall ill and could no longer work or required a break to recover.

Speak to a financial adviser for any help on managing your home loan.


Total proportion of those who are concerned

Proportion who are extremely concerned

Local burglary rates



Local drug-related crime rates



Local assault rates



Local property vandalism rates



Local vehicle vandalism rates



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