Are you doing enough to protect your financial data?

Everyone is familiar with ensuring no-one can see their pin number when withdrawing cash or paying by card, and ensuring they don’t leave paper documents with sensitive financial information on display.

But this doesn’t always stretch to the online world.

Research by Santander has found those under 25 are three times more likely to act on an instruction in scam correspondence, 85% have shared details on Instagram that could leave them open to ID theft and a quarter have entered personal details on a website using unsecured WiFi.

It follows analysis by fraud prevention service CIFAS which shows ID theft among people under 21 has risen by 26%,  while 50% of money mules – people who provide access to their bank account to strangers – are aged 26 or under and 27% are aged 21 or under.

To combat this, it has teamed up with the cast of BBC Three comedy People Just Do Nothing.

The show follows the travails of pirate radio station Kurupt FM and the characters, including MC Grindah, DJ Beats and Chabuddy G, have produced a digital awareness campaign for Santander on how to avoid scams that will run across Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube called .

The three videos – which focus on protecting your identity, avoiding fake websites and not sharing account details – use humour to land an important scam avoidance message with viewers: ‘Don’t Get Kurupted’.

You can watch an example of one of the videos below and also listen to an interview with the cast in the latest In For A Penny podcast where the actors discussed their approach to money management.

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