February wealth update: The rest of the world has its own problems beyond Brexit

UK news continues to focus on Brexit as we approach 29 March, which is the date we are due to leave the European Union.  Fortunately, the rest of the world continues largely unaffected. Despite the reportedly failed summit meeting between the United States (US) and North Korea, there is hope in the trade war between [...]

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Why boosting your pension isn’t all bad news for your pay packet

There are warnings that you could see your salary cut from next month, but the change could actually be beneficial to your financial future. From April 2019, the government is increasing the minimum contribution that employees must make into workplace pensions. This is part of auto-enrolment rules, where all staff are automatically signed up to [...]

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Would you buy a house with a load of strangers?

Here is a novel approach to getting on the property ladder, share your house with a whole load of strangers. It may seem like going back to your days as a student, but the Social Market Foundation has suggested co-living schemes, with individuals living in small bedrooms but with access to communal kitchens and living [...]

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December wealth update: Little Christmas cheer for global equities

December proved a difficult month for global equities with many of them suffering large falls, which meant that 2018 saw falls for nearly all the leading global equity markets.   December 2018 Full Year 2018 FTSE 100 (UK) -3.6% -12.5% Dow Jones 30 (US) -8.7% -5.6% S&P 500 (US) -9.2% -6.2% DAX (Germany) -6.2% -18.3% [...]

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October wealth update: A tough month for investors

October proved a difficult month for investors.  The trade tensions between the US and China, on-going Brexit negotiations and the EU’s rejection of Italy’s draft budget all seemed to weigh heavily on global equity markets. The FTSE 100 ended October at 7,128.10, which was 5.1% lower than the September closing figure of 7,510.20. Similarly, in the US, [...]

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Loyalty doesn’t always pay, especially with your finances

 It is always good to be loyal to your friends and family, but when it comes to your finances, loyalty doesn’t always pay. The Citizens Advice Bureau has found UK consumers lose a total of £4.1bn per year or £877 per person on average through inertia by not transferring from their energy, savings, mobile, mortgage or [...]

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July wealth update

With the UK parliament’s summer recess now two weeks old, the resignations of Boris Johnson and David Davis following the reported cabinet “agreement” on the UK's future relationship with the EU after Brexit as well as Donald Trump’s visit to the UK feel like older news than they actually are. The FTSE 100 ended July [...]

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