business continuity advice londonBusiness continuity involves putting plans in place to ensure it can continue to trade should the unexpected happened.

Many businesses look to protect themselves against certain eventualities, buying insurance cover for their buildings, contents, cars and materials. However, the majority don’t cover their single biggest assets, their employees. So what would happen if the business lost a key employee?

To make sure the business can continue, the owners – who may be key to the business themselves – need to consider if their business:

  • could continue to trade or would suffer financially if it lost an employee who was key to the business
  • would have the necessary cash flow to replace any loss of profit or repay any outstanding loans, including directors’ loans

At The Orchard Practice we will help you look at business continuity in more detail and design a proposition to protect you and your business.

Succession Planning

Frequently little or no consideration is given to the succession plans for a business.

Business succession planning involves transferring the ownership and control of a business, most likely through retirement, to new management. It’s a key part in protecting the stability and continuity of the business.

Business owners must also think about what they’d want to happen if they were to suddenly die or become critically ill. Who would they want to get control of their business and how and where would the money come from to make sure this happened?

Succession works in four main ways:

  • Handing over the ownership to a family member
  • Handing over the ownership to the remaining business owners
  • Appointing an external successor
  • Disposing of the business through a sale, management buy-out, management buy-in or voluntary liquidation

While there are no hard and fast rules on succession planning, it’s important that business owners link it to the needs and interests of the co-owners and dependents. Planning should start as early as possible to avoid conflict and confusion at the time of handover. This will also increase the chances of future business success.

We look at business succession in more detail regarding different business types within this toolkit.

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