Buying a new home is probably one of life’s biggest and most exciting events. It’s also a big financial commitment – one that could be with you for 25 years or more.

Your ability to maintain your mortgage payments relies on a constant income, so how would you continue to make your mortgage repayments if your income was reduced – or stopped?

Why gamble on your future? You are far more likely to suffer a serious illness than see your numbers come up.Would you lose your home if you lost your income?


Thinking about the bad things that could happen – death, serious illness, injury – isn’t pleasant, especially when we feel fit and healthy.

But by confronting the reality that it could happen to you, and putting plans in place to deal with it, you can give yourself extra peace of mind today and make sure you and your family are financially protected if the unthinkable ever happens.

A report by Macmillian Cancer Support showed that 4 in 5 people with cancer are affected financially.(4)

There are a range of products available that can provide a lump sum or a regular income on death, or diagnosis
of a critical illness, and they could cost less than you think.

Choosing the right plan is important – especially if you already have some cover in place. This can be reviewed and we can determine if the cover is still appropriate.

Please get in touch so that we can assess your circumstances and the cover options available to you.
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